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        The Faculty of Agriculture, Natural Resources and Environment (FANRE) was originally established in October 1993 to serve the lower northern region of Thailand in which the majority of population is engaged in agriculture and involved in agricultural industries. The FANRE consists of three departments:

                1.Department of Agricultural Science
                2.Department of Agro-Industry
                3.Department of Natural Resources and Environment

        We have continuously produced graduates who possess both academic and practical experiences in these three fields of expertise. To move toward and to become one of the leading organization related to those three fields of expertise in Thailand, the improvement of postgraduate curricula for international students would strengthen the teaching and learning as well as enhance the quality of the program. We are proud of our strong graduate programs both at master and doctoral levels. Our good reputations are confirmed through high quality technical presentations in international conferences, scientific conventions, and both national and international publications

        Currently, the FANRE has an academic staff with a broad array of specialization. About 90% of the staff members hold the doctorate degree from various countries in North America and Europe, and from universities in Australia, Japan and Thailand.



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